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Dawn has arrived.
A new day awaits.
The sun shines,
The birds chirp

Inside you, a dragon wakes up.
It roars and spits fire.
It walks confidently,
Ready to take on the day

Your sight is as sharp as a sword,
Your fists clenched.
Your teeth grinding,
Nobody can stop you.

Every step you take,
Is filled with determination.
You stand up straight,
Ready to take on the day.

You no longer fear failure,
You get up when you fall.
You don’t compare yourself to others,
You realise you have grown from yesterday.

Let the fire inside you burn,
Like a million suns,
Watch it grow,
Into something spectacular.

It’s your show,
Go own it.
Don’t look back,
Just keep going.

And most importantly,
Enjoy the show.



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A poem to help you overcome what you fear.

Life is tough.
But so are you.
Break your fears into smaller pieces.
Go kill em’ fears, easiest first and hardest last.

Anxiety will come.
It will be a wave.
You will want to give up.
But, deep breathing will be your anchor.

Trust your deep breaths.
Your breath will hold you down.
Breathe in positivity, expel negativity.
Fierce, yet Serene.

At last you’ll find yourself
On top of the tallest mountain,
Over everything on Earth,
Gleaming like a million suns.

Pretty like a butterfly,
Fierce like a tiger,
Kind as an English sheepdog,
Strong as a rhinoceros.

Nothing too hard,
Nothing too high.
Nothing too narrow,
And certainly nothing too far.

  • The peaceful wolf



A poem of hope for those suffering from trauma.

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It takes a while,
It takes courage,
It takes energy
It takes effort.

You may run for a mile,
You may have the advantage,
You long to be free,
You may feel hurt.

You need to keep running,
Freedom is close,
It will not be linear,
But it will end eventually.

Disorders can be cunning,
It will always try to poke its nose,
It may douse you in fear,
But at the end, it will let you be free.

It may not become easier,
But it will bring you closer
Nothing may seem to work,
And you may lose hope

Whatever happens, have no fear,
You’re progressing closer,
In a corner, freedom will lurk,
You will finally be able to cope.



A poem about the one who ended suffering for good.

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Sitting under the Bodhi Tree,
The Buddha I see.
Enlightened and glowing like a sun,
Behind happiness, he will never run.

Defeating The king of Desires Mara,
He becomes the rescuer, Tara.
From his heart, a sacred glow,
It encompasses all, as we bow.

Calm, serene, and peaceful,
We are all eternally grateful.
May his Dharma (teaching) break chains that hold us down,
In every country, and in every town.

Nothing could shake away his peace,
As he mindfully listens to the calm breeze.
From the Samsara (cycle of rebirth) he has broken free,
Offering to us the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha, the precious three.

May he abide in every being,
His Dharma eternally freeing.
The Sangha (community) praises him every day,
Thank you, Buddha, for showing us the way.

  • The Peaceful Wolf



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Where is that roar
that resides within you
fierce and strong,
bold and brave too

it’s time for it to emerge
so bring it out
and shine the lights,
have not a single doubt

you just underestimate
the power of a single roar
for it shall open
every single door

eyes sharpen and fists clench,
you get ready to show yourself,
get ready to up your game,
the roar shall speak for itself.

you may seem to yourself like you’re weak,
but you, are a fighter.
you were meant to fight this off,
your shoulder will only get lighter

just think for a second
how cool would it be to reach your fame?
and when you beat others
in their own game?

keep going forward, roaring louder and louder,
as you go, patching up every single hole,
keeping your eyes focused,
on your goal.



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I fell
it was deep.
I landed with a thud
over a concrete heap.

I frantically yelled for help
but nobody came
and for a long time
it remained the same

I look through the fear of lens
everything is different
I look with my eyes again
things are down by ninety-eight percent.

the mind, is a labyrinth
filled with lies
and in nooks and corners,
even logic it defies.

I stood up,
dusting myself off,
treating every thought
as just a brain cough.

don’t trust everything your mind says
it will guide you to hell and back
and even the simplest things in life
you will start to lack.



The Peaceful Wolf

The Peaceful Wolf

I am a self-taught poet and I write articles about everything self-improvement and psychology related.